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successful client / architect working formula

Anstey Architects is dedicated to creating sustainable innovative solutions.  

The legal demands of property ownership,  zoning , development rights, town planning schemes and local authority requirements form the core of the successful process to delivering projects.   
During the inception stage of the project clients are asked to consider the following.

1. What are the development restrictions, risks and constraints connected the property?
2. What authorities are relevant in the approval process?
3. Is the land best suited for the intended purpose?
4. What are the geological, environmental, historical and ecological issues related to the project?
5. What level of service is required to achieve the client's goals?
6. Does the project ambition tie into the clients available budget constraints?
7. What timelines are envisaged for the delivery of the project?
8. What forms of building contracts are being considered to deliver the project if viable?

Anstey Architects will formalize the working relationship with the SAIA client / architect agreement.  The agreement will outline scope of work, stages of work, processes involved and the payment terms and expectations. Where budgets and scope of work are not fixed at the outset, the architects will either suggest an hourly rate or deposit to allow the works to begin until a defined and agreed brief is agreed upon.

Architectural projects are classified by the commissioned work stages and the complexity of the building type. Each project fee is carefully studied in terms of the cost of construction, degree of difficulty, expected length of the construction period and degree of professional involvement.

The Architect will follow the following work stages in detail during the works :- 

1.  Inception of Project
2. Concept development
3. Design development
4.1  Documentation for local authority approval
4.2  Documentation for construction
5. Supervision
6. Close out.

We would like to meet you

we  continue to work from remote offices  

The internet has given us fantastic tools to manage projects during these times. We are insisting on as many project meetings on zoom facilities as possible.  Not only does it prevent unessential time loss, we are truly seeing the ecological benefits of minimized carbon emissions.  We then travel only when required for site specific requests.   Please request a zoom meeting below - email us a brief description of your project and we will be in touch.